Self-Adhesive Electrodes (12 Pads)

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Self-Adhesive Electrodes

Sleep Connection gives you a good night’s sleep using special impulses that send electrical signals to your body to stop you from snoring. For most effective use, we recommend changing the self-adhesive electrode gel patches at least every month (if not more). Stock up and save on re-ordering for a refreshing night’s sleep, every night.

Self-Adhesive Electrodes

  • Package: Each pack comes with a set of 2 gel patches
  • Material: Conductive gel

How to use

  1. Make sure your skin is clean, dry, and free from wounds or other injuries.
  2. Remove the special protective film and apply your skin.
  3. Put on the Sleep Connection Watch and wake up feeling refreshed!
  4. When finished, affix the gel patches to the protective film again for re-use.